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Subscription service with email alerts about initiated, published and ongoing health technology assessments of pharmaceuticals from 42 HTA organizations globally
Please, note that after a very short initial trial period, MTRC decided to discontinue HTA Alerts Pharma service. This website will be archived by the 1st of January 2021

MTRC will continue HTA Alerts and Reimbursement Alerts services in its core Med Tech space. You can learn more here
Health technology assessment (HTA) is a multidisciplinary process that summarizes information about the medical, social, economic and ethical issues related to the use of medical technologies in a systematic, transparent, unbiased, robust manner.

The key objective of HTA is to advise policymakers and providers about the necessity of adopting and appropriateness of reimbursing pharmaceuticals.

Most developed countries have functioning HTA framework on different levels (national, regional, hospital-based).

HTA plays an important role in the market access landscape for medical technologies. Very often, HTA is a formal part of the reimbursement process (e.g., in France or England), or it is not formally connected to the reimbursement process, but it significantly impacts the adoption of technologies.

Market access professionals should closely monitor new initiated and published HTAs for the products under their supervision. The key challenge for effective monitoring is a large number of HTA organizations, language barrier and lack of time to do such monitoring properly.

MTRC, a market leader in European market access, is bringing a new service to enable effective time- and cost-effective monitoring of HTA activity in Europe and globally: HTA Alerts.

This service is focused on pharmaceuticals, gene and cell therapies, and vaccines. If you are interested in HTA Alerts for medical procedures, devices and in-vitro diagnostic tests, visit a dedicated page for HTA Alerts - Med Tech.

Key features of the service
About 1000 HTA reports (published, initiated, ongoing) are detected every 3 weeks globally
Global coverage
The service includes key HTA organizations in Europe and globally (Australia, Brazil, Canada, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and USA). In total, 42 active HTA organizations from 23 countries (plus EUnetHTA), producing HTA reports, are included
All reports are classified by ATC category and International Non-Proprietary Name (INN)
The service helps to focus only on pharmaceuticals or vaccines of interest and avoid wasting time on not relevant reports
All types of HTA organizations are included
The service includes international (e.g., EUnetHTA), national and regional HTAs. The service includes 42 organizations. Organizations were selected on the basis of an audit of their activity
Customized alerts and unlimited number of subscribers
All reports are customized based on the client's preferences about geographical (you can select only particular countries for monitoring) and ATC/drug coverage. Number of enrolled subscribers from one company is unlimited
Timely alerts with essential information in English
Alerts about initiated or published HTAs are sent to email every 3 weeks. For each report, a title, brief summary (if available) and the link are provided. You can follow the link to investigate the report further. Every new newsletter covers the last two weeks
Reports are developed using a manual search
We do not trust search robots to identify and classify relevant information. The search and categorization of identified reports is performed manually by MTRC analysts
Both general and pharmaceutical-specific news are included
The service captures both general (e.g., new program at NICE, or termination of work of Swiss Medical Board) and technology-specific (e.g., new HTA for Abatacept) news

Types of products considered
Cell and gene therapies

Why use "HTA Alerts"?
Timely access to essential information
You can be the first to know about important developments for technology within the company and with your competition. New HTA reports reveal new opportunities for your company's business
Ability to engage with HTA stakeholders
By knowing about initiated assessment, you can engage with HTA bodies in a timely manner to provide relevant information about your technology to increase chances of more unbiased assessment and positive result of HTA
Cost-effective approach
It is difficult for a single company can afford such a massive screening and monitoring activity. You outsource an essential function of keeping the company up-to-date at a modest cost. You can save both time and money with an external HTA monitoring service. Both quarterly and annual payments are possible
Customized information in a user-friendly format
You only get access to HTA information for countries (e.g., EMEA only) and pharmaceuticals (e.g., oncology drugs) of relevance to your position. Newsletters are easy to navigate and easy to distribute internally
Suitable for both middle-size companies and large corporations
The service is suitable for both middle-size companies with several people in the market access function and large corporations. For small companies, the service is the only opportunity to keep track of significant developments, and for large corporations, it complements the internal effort
More professional fulfillment of the market access role
Market access professionals use all modern tools at their disposal to execute their function professionally. "HTA Alerts" is becoming a new industry standard and essential tool in the portfolio of market access specialists

Examples of reporting
About 1000 HTA reports (published, initiated, ongoing) are detected every 3 weeks globally

Free download of the first global issue of HTA Alerts
Download the first, 254-page issue of HTA Alerts - Pharma with HTA news by ATC category and International Nonproprietary Name

New service from a well-known partner
MTRC is one of the leaders in European analytical market access services. Subscription service "HTA Alerts" has started in the Med Tech field and emerged in the pharmaceutical sector
of top-30 Med Tech companies regularly use services of MTRC
108 clients
received support from MTRC over the last three years
19 countries
where MTRC provides regular consulting services
401 projects
were accomplished over the last three years

Contact us to learn more and to get a quote
Once we receive your email, we will provide you with the list of HTA organizations included and a pricing calculator for the service

About MTRC
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